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Also This Week In Hype: Attack on Titan Season 3, and Michael Bay’s last Transformers movie.

Alright, alright. As a follow up to last week’s This Week In Hype, let’s get the E3 reactions out of the way.

Beyond Good and Evil 2!? I don’t even care if it looks like the first or not!

TWO Metroid games!? The Metroid Prime 4 trailer was just a title card and it still somehow was best in show!

Undertale on Vita!? Okay that’s probably not that exciting, but I figured I’d show Vita owners some love since Sony certainly won’t.

I could go on, but we’ve got another video game to talk about right now.

 This Week In Hype Stormblood

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. The third installment of the relaunched version of the 14th “Final” Fantasy.

This has been the month of console friendly MMORPGs. First we had the Morrowind expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, and now Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is officially in early access.

As a huge fan of the game myself, I can in fact confirm that the hype for this expansion is very, very real. However, I don’t think anyone was more excited about this game than Square Enix themselves. Let’s just list some of the promotions Square Enix actually spent marketing dollars on, and I swear to you that none of these are jokes.

After all that marketing, is the game itself actually good? Well, there are two answers to that. The first couple days of early access could have been considered comically broken if it wasn’t so sad. Among other issues, two quests blocked a load of players from seeing 90% of the expansion due to congestion, causing the quest givers to actually start trending on twitter. Now that these issues seem to be resolved, consensus is that it’s actually fantastic. Papa John himself would be proud.

Also, if you have the gil to spare, you can still get a hold of the extravagant $200.00 collector’s edition of the expansion. Let us know if you have it so I can sit here and be jealous.

 This Week In Hype Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Season 3 immediately announced following Season 2.

Attack on Titan, an anime about very large people who like to bite other people who are smaller than them, has decided to not joke around about announcing its next season.

Following the final episode of the show’s second season, a teaser image was aired that confirmed Season 3’s release in 2018. An awesome surprise to be sure, but also a necessary one for a couple reasons. First, Season 2 was half the length of Season 1, so this helps alleviate the disappointment regarding its brevity. Second, fans already had to wait almost 4 years for Season 2 after Season 1, so it’s only courteous to not test their patience again.

It’s sort of weird, actually. When Season 1 of Attack on Titan aired, it felt like everyone and their mother was talking it up as the greatest thing to happen to Anime since eating your toast on the way to school. The excitement during Season 2 was definitely there, but by comparison it feels a bit subdued. Hopefully the shorter wait for the next Season will help rally the fans.

 This Week In Hype Transformers

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters. Number of explosions to be announced.

Rounding out our week in hype is the theatrical release of Transformers: The Last Knight on June 20th. All but those totally ambivalent to Transformers should be hyped for this news. Let me explain.

If you’re a fan of Michael Bay’s take on the universe based on Hasbro’s classic toys, then I don’t need to tell you why you should be hyped. However, if you’re a critic of this now five-movie-long series, you can instead be excited that this might actually be Bay’s final Transformers movie. This doesn’t mean the series itself will be discontinued, and Bay could decide he wants to keep making robots explode for another movie if he really wants. Still, the context is clear. This movie may be the final chapter in Bay’s vision of Transformers, and how you interpret that is up to you. Either way, there’s something to look forward to.

If nothing else, the Transformers themselves are wonderful, and anything that helps bolster their existence is okay in my book.

That wraps us up for This Week In Hype. I don’t know what to expect next week, but to quote Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood…

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