Yes, San Diego Comic-Con is so hype that I actually had to use caps lock. Let me just take some deep breaths and regain my composure.

But seriously… can you blame me? It’s SDCC! It’s the Comic-Con! It’s like everything we stand for at Gemr rolled into one super nerdy event! There’s so much fun stuff happening everywhere you look, and even those of us who aren’t attending can still appreciate all the news, pictures, and panels right from home. What’s not to love? Okay, the lines can be pretty killer, but maybe I can start “This Week In Ruining Everyone’s Fun” so I can dwell on that for 500 words.

For those of you who haven’t been following Gemr or the Gemr blog, first of all, welcome and enjoy your stay! Second, we at Gemr have been, like, super excited for SDCC 2017 for a while now. To get you up to speed, here are the three reasons why we are ultra hyped for this year’s Comic-Con. We think you’ll be pretty excited too.

Gemr Comic-Con Panel

1. Gemr will be attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con!

That’s right, we here at Gemr are ready to spread our wings and fly! We’re coming all the way from the Granite State of New Hampshire to make our debut at SDCC!

We’ve covered this a bit already, but to keep it short, we’ll be at booth 1504. Stop by and say hi, we’d love to see you!

Also, members of our team will be hosting our very own panel discussing just how bad the parenting is in the Star Wars universe. Could bad parents be the root of all the problems in the galaxy? Don’t look at us, we’re just asking the question. Come by Room 7AB on July 21st for a good laugh and tons of nerdy speculation!

Hold on, though, ’cause we’ve all got a This Week in Hype Exclusive! We’re honoring the legacy of the original Batman – and all-around wonderful person – Adam West. Gemr users who show up to our booth will be entered for a chance to win a Batman ’66 complete Blu-ray boxed set, signed by Adam West and Burt Ward! We’ll have more details throughout the week, so be sure to stay tuned. You won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity!

Stan Lee

2. The guest list for SDCC is insane.

Anyone who has even a passing interest in comics or books is going to find someone they’d love to meet at SDCC.

Want to meet Stan Lee? This is your chance. Want to check out numerous artists and authors from graphic novels and comics you love? SDCC definitely has that. Heck, ever had a hankering to meet Goosebumps author R. L. Stine? Yes, even the master of children’s horror will be attending. You’d even want to meet the guests you don’t recognize at all just because their work is so interesting!

Yet even if you like none of the special guests who are attending, you’d still want to stick around for one reason: Cosplay! As you’d expect by now, the cosplay scene at SDCC 2017 will inevitably feature just about every character under the sun. So go ahead, even if your mission at SDCC is to check out cosplay of your favorite characters, knock yourself out. You’ll have more than your fair share of fun.

3. There’s something for everyone there.

Our whole philosophy at Gemr is that people should love their stuff, no matter what it is they collect or are passionate about. For example, Michelle loves Disney, Chelsea loves action figures and giant monsters, Ema loves horror movies, and I prattle on about Pokémon and video games at every chance I get. SDCC manages to cater to all of our interests in one fell swoop.

Seriously, they could call the event “The San Diego Everything-Con” if it was just a little catchier. Comic Books, Films, Games, Art… it’s all there. And really, what is being a nerd if you’re not showing unbridled enthusiasm for the stuff you love? SDCC gives us all an avenue to express just that without reservation, and along the way find tons of other people who love all the same things you do. If only life were like that every day!

Like I said above, even if you aren’t attending SDCC, the community experience online will still be strong during this event. So come on in, join the fun, and be proud to love what you love. We’ll all be doing it over here, and we’d love for you to join us.

Written by TimM
Tim is a video game aficionado who is fascinated by pop culture. He built his first collection in 1999 by catching all 151 monsters in Pokemon Red, and he hasn't stopped collecting since. His work has been featured multiple times on