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Also this week in hype: Just trailers. There are too many trailers.

Dear San Diego Comic-Con: I love you. In fact, I love you so much that the last This Week In Hype was all about you. But seriously, could it be any harder to cover all the trailers that were revealed this weekend?

I mean, forget covering the panels, collectibles, cosplay, and all that good stuff. No, there were so many movie trailers revealed. I couldn’t even gauge which ones were the most “front page” worthy since the front pages of Reddit and other similar sites would completely change every hour. This – and I hope I don’t ever have to say it ever again – could be too much hype. My feeble ape mind cannot comprehend so much excitement released into the wild at once.

Therefore, at the risk of maybe ruffling some feathers, here are but three of the many movie trailers shown off at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Trust me, all of them were worth covering, but I do want to talk about other things before the week ends too.

Justice League arrives, now featuring 200% Gal Gadot

By the law of having achieved Youtube’s coveted “#1 on trending” title, the new Justice League movie earns the first mention on this week’s hype.

It makes sense, of course. Justice League is essentially what the DC Cinematic Universe has been building up to, even if it has had a few missteps along the way. And now that DC finally had a hit with Wonder Woman, there’s actual momentum behind Justice League. This presumably explains why Diana of Themyscira gets so much screen-time in this sneak peak, putting aside the fact that Gal Gadot is currently loved by just about every human right now.

There are other reasons to be excited, of course. Joss Whedon’s place in the post-production director’s chair might inspire some confidence, which is not to undermine the tragic circumstances that caused Zack Snyder to leave the project to begin with. But overall, it’s hard to not be at least curious about Justice League. We’ll be on the edge of our seats seeing how this one turns out.

If you don’t like Justice League, try: The Thor: Ragnarok trailer. Feel free to bust out those good ol’ DC vs. Marvel arguments just for good measure.

90’s Nickelodeon is back to modernize Rocko’s Modern Life.

I was completely unaware that Nickelodeon was bringing back cartoons from its quote unquote “golden age,” so this one was a huge surprise for me.

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling is a made-for-TV one hour special that brings Rocko, Heffer, and Fillburt back for, well, modern adventures. To be honest, I can only remember so much of Rocko’s Modern Life from when I was a kid. Even so, this trailer is a lot of fun. The animation and satire is surprisingly on point, and there are some great sight gags that I only caught with repeated viewings. I don’t actually know if Rocko’s Modern Life could be considered a kid’s show by today’s standards, but it looks like plenty of adults will enjoy this one.

If you don’t like Rocko’s Modern Life, try: Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie. Yes, a similar Nickelodeon “reboot,” but very sentimental for anyone who followed the original show.

Ready Player One is… ready?

Rounding out this week’s hype is Steven Spielberg’s movie adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One.

As we can see from the trailer, the movie is about… well… it’s about something! There’s not a whole to go off of in the trailer, beyond the fact that there’s some Virtual Reality headset known as “OASIS.” If you’re familiar with the book, you’d know there’s more to this dystopian world than what’s being shown here. For example, the hunt for an easter egg left by OASIS’ creator that contains the key to his entire fortune is kind of a big deal. But hey, in the meantime, look at those visuals! Look at those pop culture references! If nothing else, those curious after watching this trailer at least have a way to read the whole story for themselves.

If you don’t like Ready Player One, try: Netflix’s Death Note adaptation. Okay, I don’t think that actually has anything to do with Ready Player One. I just really wanted an excuse to talk about how Willem Dafoe as Ryuk is as incredible as it is unsettling.

Those are all the trailers I could fit into one installment of This Week In Hype! I don’t know about you, but after all these trailers, I’m looking forward to sitting down and just enjoying a feature-length movie. Not because of any hype from the trailers, I just want to enjoy a quality story that isn’t going to keep me hanging on a cliffhanger waiting to see the rest of the story.

… Oh dear, guess I’m disqualifying a lot of movies.

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