Also this week in hype: Dragon Quest XI comes west, and The Emoji Movie has broken me.

I tried really hard to stay positive on This Week In Hype!

Cautious optimism has been my theme from the beginning, and I’d like to think I stuck with it. Sometimes I made a few jabs here and there, but those were all in good fun. At the very least, I tried not to outright hate anything I covered. But this week… is different. It’s the one where I draw the line in the sand and say “no, you can’t play with the rest of the hype this week.” Yes, something has crossed the line so far that it has become pure anti-hype. You can probably guess what it is already.

But first, here are some things that I have to gush about.

Rick and Morty Season 3 officially begins.

Man, it feels like an eternity since I first covered Rick and Morty Season 3 hype last month, let alone the two years fans have waited since Season 2 ended. But now the wait is over, and we can finally see how Rick’s quest for old McDonald’s chicken nugget sauce will play out.

(Yes, there have been hilarious antics on this front from McDonalds themselves. I sadly only have space to talk about the show and not comical inside jokes)

So, we finally got a repeat of Season 3 Episode 1, immediately followed by the debut of Episode 2. How was it? Well, it sure was more Rick and Morty! There has been slightly mixed reaction from fans (though it seems mostly positive), but I blame the April Fool’s release of Episode 1 personally. That’s the one that really knocked everyone’s socks off and tied up the ending of Season 2. So instead, we have the “season premiere” technically starting with Episode 2, so it’s easy to pin undue expectations on it. All in all, it had some hilarious jokes, it advanced the character arcs of the main cast, and we got lots of gore that drives home the fact that this is supposed to be the darkest season yet.

To say all that in less words, I really liked it. If you’ve read this far and haven’t given Rick and Morty a shot, I’d highly recommend checking it out. Yes, it is what you’d expect from an Adult Swim animated comedy with toilet humor and naughty language. But at the same time, there’s a steady story arc that can take itself seriously and even be genuinely heartfelt. Also, if you’re a fan of Back to the Future, Dr. Who, or sci-fi in general, you’ll love how the show both parodies all these things and pays homage all at once. Binge as much of the show as you can, and you too can repeat the show’s memes ad nauseam just like the rest of us fans do.

Dragon Quest XI creator hath announced an English localization.

Dragon Quest, originally known as Dragon Warrior in English, doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Despite being the series credited for inventing the Japanese RPG genre, the western world has taken a much keener shine to franchises like Final Fantasy and Pokémon. As a result, many games in the series have either arrived late outside of Japan or just flat out were never localized, which has made it rough to be a Dragon Quest fan. But as of this past weekend, things may be finally looking up.

Following the release of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age in Japan, series creator Yuji Hori took to Youtube to announce that the western localization of the game has already begun. While we’re not sure of what platform we’ll actually be getting the game on, it’s still amazing to be addressed directly like this for once. To put this into perspective, the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII was Japan exclusive for over three years before we could play it. Personally, Dragon Quest XI has been off my radar since basically forever, but this news is making me want to catch up on all the games in the series I never finished.

This week in anti-hype: The Emoji Movie.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I want to say about The Emoji Movie.

Oh, no, I didn’t see it. I don’t intend to. I also don’t think I need to if the reviews are to be believed. But deep down, I want to tear into it. I want to talk about how grossly corporate-driven the concept obviously is. I want to say that comparisons to The LEGO Movie are unfounded since kids have grown up with LEGO toys and have a personal connection to them, whereas Emojis are just text symbols that don’t pack the same weight. But as I stare into the deep, dark void that is the unfathomable chasm of unadulterated greed that bequeathed this travesty upon our world, I can only say one thing.


It never mattered if The Emoji Movie was good or bad. What matters is that we talk about it. We hate on it, make fun of it, and inadvertently give it free advertising. Yes, despite the rock bottom review scores, it’s still on track to make money, if you can believe it. I understand that I am inherently a hypocrite for talking about The Emoji Movie in this capacity. But The Emoji Movie is too big in the news to ignore right now. All I can say is that, instead of doing this movie any more of a service by discussing it, I’ll instead enjoy some genuinely, amazingly bad films like The Room. Now that’s a bad movie with real passion behind it, I’ll gladly give money towards that any day.

That’s all for this week. Man, anti-hype is not my style. Did I really just type “unfathomable chasm of unadulterated greed?” Who am I? What have I become!? Am I but a meaningless mound of flesh in an ever changing world!?

But real talk though… Dragon Quest XI looks pretty good.

Written by TimM
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