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Joining Sonic Mania in Hype: DuckTales (woo-oo), and the Ys Seven PC port I’m freaking out over.

Sorry to keep you waiting guys, This Week In Hype is officially back to its roots.

Two weeks ago, our weekly hype was thrown off course by the shallow, profit-driven Emoji Movie. Then that got followed by some Pokémon Go musings, which weren’t a heck of a lot better. But no more! I’m proud to report that my hype receptors are still working as well as they always have, because good gravy is this week’s hype amazing. Let’s jump right into it.

Sonic Mania finally gives the fans what they want.

I remember when Mega Man 9 first came out, thinking how amazing it would be for Sonic to get a new Genesis-style title. Sega certainly tried with the episodic Sonic the Hedgehog 4, but for many fans, it didn’t quite hit the mark that the classic Sonic titles did. Now, Sonic Mania is finally upon us, and it appears the dream has finally been cast.

I really wanted to talk about the amazing story behind Sonic Mania. You know, how it’s actually designed by Sonic modders and hackers who know exactly what we love about classic Sonic the Hedgehog. But who needs fun facts and my take on the gameplay when the review embargo has just been lifted? Critics are calling it “one of the best retro throwbacks in years,” “some of the best level design in the series history,” and “the return to form you’ve been waiting for.” I mean… I guess I can’t really add anything on top of that, I’m getting hyped just thinking about it.

Sonic fans have dealt with a lot over the years. Though I can personally vouch for gems like Sonic Generations, it can be hard loving the same franchise that gave us the Sonic Boom games. So all I have to say is that I hope everyone gets a chance to fall in love with the series all over again through Sonic Mania. You all deserve it.

Hype DuckTales

DuckTales shapes up to be more exciting than a hurricane in Duckburg.

I’m going to try my hardest to talk about the return of Disney’s DuckTales without mentioning that catchy theme song, woo-oo. Okay yeah, that’s not happening.

Now, as someone who liked DuckTales as a kid but didn’t follow it religiously, even I felt the show’s reboot could go either way. It’s beloved enough that it could get too caught up in its own nostalgia, for instance. Or it could overindulge in modern sensibilities and not really gain anything from using an existing intellectual property. Fortunately, I got to hand it to them, the pilot for the new series has aired and I’m already a fan. It toes that line between homage and inventiveness that really makes it fun to watch, and it looks like most fans agree so far. I’m glad to know that a whole new generation will get to fall in love with Scrooge McDuck just like we all did.

This is another case where I feel my thoughts are probably superfluous. You know why? The entire 45-minute first episode is available on the Disney XD Youtube channel, so you can judge it for yourself. But as far as I’m concerned, as long as they continue to solve mysteries and rewrite history like this, then I can’t complain. Woo-oo-oh-no-I-can’t-stop.

Ys Seven

Ys Seven. Soon available for a whole new audience.


Okay, bare with me for a moment here. Some of you may be wondering why I’m sitting here freaking out over a PC port of an 8 year old Playstation Portable game that has a mildly confusing-to-pronounce name (you say “Ys” like “ease”).  Yet as I sit here, trying to explain this in professional, coherent terms, I just can’t do it. So excuse me as I just go total fanboy for a moment here and yes yes yes you all need to play Ys Seven, no excuses, you will not regret it.

Real talk, Ys is one of my favorite game series’ ever, and Ys Seven is in my top 3 of games from that series. It’s so good guys, I don’t even know where to start. Sure, you’ve got your epic quest, exploring exotic locations, leveling up and upgrading equipment, yadda yadda yadda. But most importantly, Ys Seven has some of the most fast and frantic gameplay you’ll see in an action RPG accompanied by one of the best soundtracks in all of gaming (and know I do not make this claim lightly). I guess if I have to compare it, I’d say Ys Seven is like a combination of The Legend of ZeldaKingdom Hearts, and Secret of Mana thrown into a blender and played at twice the speed. But really, Ys is practically a genre unto itself, and Ys Seven is one of those games you just have to play for yourself.

I know the game, objectively speaking, has shortcomings. The story and pacing can be a bit disjointed, for instance, and I guess it’s kind of slow before the action properly kicks off. But… man, just go play Ys Seven. I’ve been recommending this game to people for years, but since it was stuck on the PSP, it was always hard for anyone to follow through on it. Now, between this and Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana coming out in September, I might overdose on fanboy hype. Give Ys Seven a chance, and as soon as you’re dodge-rolling away from a giant turtle while that incredible boss theme is playing in the background, you’ll be in love.

Oh boy, that’s right, we’ve got more Ys coming in just a month now, so you haven’t heard the last of this from me yet. It’s good to be back on the hype train. I just hope things can stay this way for a while without any Emoji Movies coming along to RUIN IT FOR ALL OF US. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Woo-oo.

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