These are some exclusive Marvel LEGOs — well, most of them are!

When we went digging for the rarest Marvel LEGOs (to see how much our collection is worth), we didn’t expect to find out that some of the most valuable ones are Minifigs! We should have known though — seeing as LEGO has been releasing rare Minifigs at San Diego Comic-Con for YEARS. It’s an excellent way to give highly requested Minifigures to fans without having to produce entire sets around them.

These figures are extremely limited, and because fans really want them so much, their value rockets well beyond what many collectors are willing to pay. Are you lucky enough to have one of these rare and valuable LEGOs in your collection? If so, you could be looking at a pretty significant payday.

10. SDCC 2017 Deadpool the Duck

The first of many San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive LEGOs on our list. Deadpool Duck is a minifigure that many people didn’t know they needed until it appeared at the convention. What happens when you cross Howard the Duck and Deadpool? Well, this. Which we’re totally fine with. The whole thing just feels silly, which is perfect for Deadpool. Sure, it wasn’t a good time for either of the people involved. But this silly combination could net you up to $300, so we hope you’ve got one stashed away!

9. SDCC 2013 BrickHeadz: Captain America and Iron Man

2013 was an excellent year for exclusive LEGO SDCC loot — but more on that later. BrickHeadz are a funky line of buildable figures that are sort of the opposite of Minifigs. They are large and in charge, and this set was one people were looking forward to. Their friendship might have cooled off a bit since Civil War, but we have faith that things will be restored — eventually. Getting this heroic two-pack will cost you, but if you were lucky enough to pick one up at SDCC it could sell for as much as $380!

8. SDCC 2017 Exclusive BrickHeadz: Spider-Man and Venom

Yeah, we know, another San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, and they won’t stop here. We think this two pack is thwip-ing awesome! Despite the more pixelated and blocky feel of the BrickHeadz line, they really got Venom down. If these little guys had more expression, we bet Spider-Man would look concerned about his partner. If you want to get your hands on the web-slinger/symbiote combo, expect to pay as much as $400 for one in mint condition!

7. SDCC 2018 Sheriff Deadpool

This is the only brand new figure on our list. With SDCC having just passed in July, it might surprise you how much this little guy has already increased in value. But this anti-hero sheriff has defied expectations. Be it his little cowboy hat or the ridiculously oversized mustache, something about this Deadpool clicked with collectors. If you want to bring this small sheriff around your town, it could cost you as much as $400!

6. Marvel Super Heroes S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier – 76042

This is it, folks. The only non-convention exclusive LEGO figure on our list. And we have some bad news — it’s retired, which means that getting your hands on this awesome helicarrier is going to be tough. The helicarrier was a vast and menacing presence in The Winter Soldier, and the set is just phenomenally huge. It also comes with a bunch of mini-minifigs as well as a set of traditional minifigs. But finding one can be as hard as finding S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. Expect to pay as much as $450 to get your hands on one!

5. SDCC 2017 Captain America Minifigure

Everyone loves the Cap. He represents all that is good about American patriotism, and he stands up for the little guy every chance he gets. Well, in 2017 he was the little guy — as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive minifig! There have been other Captain America minifigures that are known to sell for a lot, but this one sells for a patriotic $500! We might need to put our savings on ice for 70 years just to afford one!

4. SDCC 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy: The Collector

Collecting this little guy might be harder than you think. This 2014 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is a character that had some popularity, but wasn’t big enough to have his own set. He had enough LEGO cred to get his own exclusive minifigure though! Adding him to your own extensive collection might be hard, as he sells for as much as $520 in mint condition!

3. SDCC 2012 X-Men: Jean Gray Phoenix Minifigure

Jean Gray has been in the X-Men since day one. She was the only female member of the founding crew, and she went through several iterations of her powers. Phoenix is a fan favorite who swept through the comics and set imaginations aflame. X-Men is still many fans’ favorite Marvel property, and we know why. This minifigure is an excellent addition to any LEGO collection, but getting your hands on her might be tricky. If you have a bunch of cash burning a hole in your pocket, however, you might be able to afford her — she can sell for as much as $540!

2. SDCC 2016 BrickHeadz: Black Panther and Doctor Strange

Another perfect pair of BrickHeadz. Black Panther smashed the box office, and Doctor Strange was the ideal enigma in Infinity War. While we never really saw them together, that doesn’t stop us from coveting this SDCC exclusive two pack. Sure they might both be gone, but if you don’t hurry, this BrickHeadz exclusive will be too. It won’t be a snap to find one for your collection — and not because it turned to ash. Expect to pay as much as $600 for one in perfect condition!

1. SDCC 2013 Spider-Woman Minifigure

Swinging into first place was an unexpected victor! Sorry, Peter Parker — you’re not the most valuable LEGO spider-verse character around! This Spider-Woman minifig is highly collectible and finding one still on card is nearly impossible. We told you 2013 was a good year for exclusive LEGOs. Spider-Woman hasn’t seen much love in the movies, and she doesn’t get that much love in the comics either. Yet she’s always been a fan favorite, and that makes her a valuable Minifig. Spider-Woman, mint on card sells for an astounding $1,000!

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