The Next “A Star Wars Story” Should be About Princess Leia

At this point, whether or not Disney and Lucasfilm should make Star Wars anthology movies to fill in gaps in the canon is a moot point. They are doing it, we’re all along for the ride, and we might as well talk about them. The first one certainly wasn’t bad. Rogue One was an interesting departure from the saga structure and told a story we had only briefly considered previously. It added to the canon and raised the stakes for R2-D2’s hidden message making its way to Obi-wan Kenobi. But, if we’re being honest…we didn’t really need a Han Solo movie. We didn’t. It’s true and you know it. Go ahead and get a little upset, we get it. We had high hopes, too.

The Good, The Bad, and the Hairy

At the end of the day, Solo just showed us a lot of stuff we already knew happened. Sure we were a little fuzzy (not Chewbacca fuzzy, but, like, Porg fuzzy) on the details, but we think we enjoyed our mentally constructed version of events better. Yes, it was cool to see how Han and Chewy met, and meeting Lando before he betrayed Han was interesting too, but overall — we could take it or leave it. The problem? There was nothing in Han’s story we felt needed elaboration. Han Solo was a fan favorite character and we think that’s the only reason they picked him for a stand-alone film, not because his movie would add to the canon. We wanted this movie to be good so badly.

Now Disney and Lucasfilm are talking about an Obi-Wan movie. Once again, we feel like we know most of what happened to him. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith sort of covers it. Luke was born and Obi-Wan went off into hiding so he could watch over him. There’s your movie. Sure, seeing Darth Maul with robot legs will be cool — and if done right, we think it could be incredible. But once again, we feel like there wasn’t really a gaping hole in the history of Obi-Wan Kenobi that needed explanation.

Why are you Being so Hard on the Anthology Films?

Let’s be clear — we aren’t saying they should stop making these films. We just think that Lucasfilm should be a little more choosy about who they focus on. There are plenty of characters who would be really interesting to follow. Mace Windu or Yoda would make excellent stories, because we don’t actually know that much about them. Heck, we would love a story about how Darth Maul became a Sith; that would be awesome, because he was so cool.

Now the rumors about a Boba Fett movie? Those we can get behind. He didn’t get enough explanation in the original trilogy so his movie would offer an opportunity for fans who didn’t get involved in the now non-canon extended universe to see Boba Fett in a new light. We think this is a pretty good decision as far as extended canon movies go.

But, for the most part, the selection process seems to be, “who do the fans really like already? Make a movie about them.” We feel this method is really lacking forethought and care for the canon. We think there are much better options out there, but one, in particular, stands out.

The Rebel Monarchy: A Star Wars Story

There is one character we think is missing a huge chunk of backstory — and if you read the title of this article, you probably know who it is. Princess Leia Organa was never the center point of the movies, but she was one of the characters most central to the plot. She was tortured, had her planet destroyed, was a slave, and still stood her ground as one of the most important members of the Rebellion. Yet we know so little about how she became the person she was in the original trilogy.

We want a movie where Princess Leia is maneuvering her way through a dangerous political climate that has her poised to be discovered as a rebel at any moment. Wouldn’t you like to see her discovering how strongly she is needed and stepping up to the task? We want to see the moment she became one of the most trusted and important figures in the Rebellion. We especially hope there is a little hint or two peppered in about her force sensitivity. Making a movie about her youth would make the destruction of Alderaan all the more poignant. This is a story that really deserves to be told, and one we would watch the hell out of.

There has never been a better time to tell the story of a woman seizing her destiny and fighting a corrupt government. Disney stands to make something that really adds to the franchise instead of over-explaining things we already knew. A Princess Leia movie would add to the canon in a meaningful way that we feel all fans would appreciate.

Why Isn’t This Happening Already?

We know some fans out there feel like there have been too many Star Wars movies starring women, but we don’t understand why. The last two saga movies have brought the franchise back to the major powerhouse it once was and left behind the disaster that was the prequels (we know some of you like them — but we just can’t compare them to the rest of the films, so don’t make us), and Rogue One set a darker (but still incredible) tone. Who cares what the gender of the star is if the movie is great? It’s about a telling an awesome story — and Leia is awesome.

We even know the perfect casting for a young Princess Leia — Millie Bobby Brown. She has the same playful charisma that defined Carrie Fisher and she’s shown that she has the power to captivate audiences with her role in Stranger Things. It helps that physically Millie is a shoe in for a young Princess Leia, but there is so much more to this choice than that. We’re probably not the first people to suggest this, and we probably won’t be the last, but we think the casting would be perfect.

For now, we haven’t heard any rumors from Disney or Lucasfilm that they are planning such an endeavor. But we think it’s about time we got to see her side of the story. We all know how much Disney loves their Princesses, so why not make a movie about everyone’s favorite Princess of Alderaan? We think it’s the perfect pick for the next big “A Star Wars Story” movie. Now we just need Lucasfilm to see the power that a certain Princess had a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and that she still has right here, right now.

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