LEGO games have been around long enough now that even if you haven’t played one, you’re aware of them. They are goofy and seem like a ridiculous idea. But hear us out: these blocky games are gems. Gems. If you haven’t played them, we can pretty much guarantee there is a game for your favorite fandom. And if it doesn’t have its own game, it’s definitely in LEGO Dimensions. Plus you get to hit your friends until they explode into so many tiny LEGO pieces, and that’s worth at least a little of your time.

Favored Characters are Allowed to be Silly

We’re in an age of serious protagonists. Every movie is full of gritty realism with a few laughs thrown in to keep us from getting too down. A serious film is excellent — we love watching heroes struggle against the odds to triumph. If the stakes aren’t high, they have nothing to struggle against.

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But who says they have to be serious all the time? Sometimes there is joy in seeing these same characters we root for, like Luke Skywalker or Batman, relaxed. LEGO is the perfect medium. With simplified designs of the minifigures, it’s easy to separate the character from their “real” counterpart. The change is delightful, and it makes serious stories less so.

It also allows kids to enjoy the same stories their parents do. The lighter tone makes it more fun for a younger audience. But LEGO is wise and never dumbs it down so much that older fans won’t enjoy it.

The Plots are Actually Good

The older LEGO series stuck pretty close to their source material to not upset the fans, but they took a few artistic liberties to make the games more fun. The further that LEGO got from their first few games, the less they cared about the original plot. Some people might find this annoying. After all, you never had a triceratops running around with Dr. Grant, but honestly, there is so much charm in experiencing something new. You get the flavor of the stories you love, with some additional fun.

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The Marvel and DC games are the best examples of new plots that worked. The worlds have so much going on it’s easy to create entirely new stories to experience new ideas with familiar villains. The mechanic of unlocking new heroes is so well suited to the universes, too. We don’t discriminate between universes — especially when it comes to LEGO. The plots are worth the time, as silly as they might be.

They’re Fun

Look, we get it. LEGO games are incredibly silly. But that’s part of their charm. There is something so delightful about rampaging through a world kicking LEGO structures to pieces. The absurdity of it and the fact the games don’t take themselves seriously is really what makes them so charming.

The humor is unbelievably cheesy, but we get a kick out of it. LEGO knows it’s okay to break their world because that was half the fun of playing with LEGOs. With building at the core of their universe, these games are the perfect couch co-op and never feel too competitive…though we do have a tendency to get into slap fights that end in someone exploding (which is sort of our favorite part).

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