We’re So THWIP-ing excited for Spider-Man!

We’ve been waiting so long for the release of Spider-Man, and it’s (finally!) almost here. We’re so excited we could spin a web — and our Spidey senses tell us you are, too! We want to give you the chance to own the new game without spending a single penny. That’s right — we’re giving away a digital download of the brand new PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game.

But that wasn’t enough for us — one thing is never enough! We’re also including a cozy Spider-Man hoodie to keep your web slingers warm while you play! It’s just a little something extra from us to you to improve your Spidey experience.

How do you win?

  1. Click the link below– It will take you to our Marvel Club
  2. Sign up for Gemr (if you haven’t already)
  3. Join the Marvel Club!

That’s it — BUT WAIT! Do you want MORE chances to win? Well, we want to give them to you. Add your whole Marvel collection to our Marvel Club! Each item you add into the club is another chance to win! You only have until 9/6/18 to enter, so get going!

Written by Gemr
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