Just in case they don’t bring back the team — we’re giving away an awesome memorial!

With Avengers: End Game nearly upon us, we’re freaking out. Like, really freaking out. What if everyone doesn’t come back? Sure, Spider-Man is absolutely coming back, but what about everyone else? We’re pretty sure Marvel wouldn’t do that to us (right? RIGHT?!), but in case they do — we have a backup plan. We know several major faces are leaving the MCU — well, at least their actors are — so we needed to make a memorial of sorts to ensure that some of our favorites would live on.

We built a box to help immortalize pretty much everyone who Thanos snapped out of existence. Within are momentos — all sorts of different collectibles — so one fan can keep them alive. We even cleared off the ash first (it was a snap once we got started…too soon?).

What do you get in our box of remembrance?

  • Retro Thanos Oh Snap! T-Shirt
  • Magnetic Hanging Spider-Man
  • Vynl: Black Panther and Shuri
  • Winter Soldier Keychain
  • Baby Groot Planter/Pen Holder (your choice what you put in his head)
  • Marvel Legends: Star-Lord
  • Young Gamora with Dagger Funko Pop
  • Drax Geeki Tiki Cup
  • Mantis Funko Pop
  • Gold Chrome Doctor Strange Funko Pop
  • Scarlet Witch Volume 1: Witches Road
  • Vision Funko Pop

This box perfectly memorializes them — no matter what happens. We want you to win it. So how do you enter?

  1. Click the link below — it will take you to our Marvel Club.
  2. Sign up for Gemr (if you haven’t already)
  3. Join the Marvel Club!

That’s it — BUT WAIT! Do you want MORE chances to win? We want to give them to you. Just add your super collection to our Marvel Club! Each item you add is another chance to win! You only have until 4/29 to enter, so hurry into our Marvel Club and build your collection!

Written by Gemr
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