We’re Celebrating Kingdom Hearts FINALLY counting to 3 with our Key to Kingdom Hearts 3 Giveaway!

We’ve been waiting for years, and it’s finally (almost) here. We’ve been glued to our screens to soak in all the news about new worlds and any juicy plot points we can glean while we wait for the game to finally drop. But with only a month to go, we can contain our excitement no longer! We had to do something big…something drastic. We had to unlock this excitement in others! We’re not heartless — we want to share our excitement with all of you! Which means it’s time to give something amazing to one lucky fan in our Key to Kingdom Hearts 3 Giveaway!

We’re giving away the key to unlocking success in your new Keyblade wielding adventures. We’re also giving away the game itself! Nothing says winning like getting a main story title in your favorite series free of charge. But that still wasn’t enough for us (what can we say, we’re givers). So we got our hands on one of the new Sora Funko Pop!s and we’re adding that to our pile.

What exactly do you get?

  • A copy of Kingdom Hearts 3 (for Xbox One or PlayStation 4)
  • A foam Keyblade
  • A Sora Funko Pop!

How do you win?

  1. Click the link below — it will take you to our Kingdom Hearts Club
  2. Sign up for Gemr (if you haven’t already)
  3. Join the Kingdom Hearts Club!

That’s it — BUT WAIT! Do you want MORE chances to win? We want to give them to you. Just add your amazing collection to our Kingdom Hearts Club! Each item you add is another chance to win! You only have until 1/28 to enter, so hurry into our Kingdom Hearts Club and unlock your entries!

Written by Gemr
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