Family is forever in Coco, and we want you to have more time with yours…

So we’re giving away the Ultimate Pixar Movie Collection! That’s twenty-five hours of amazing movies, from Toy Story right up through Cars 3, for you to watch with whomever you choose (Pick us! Pick us!). Relive Pixar’s greatest moments, and remember why you love these movies Inside (and) Out!

Our Ultimate Pixar Movie Giveaway includes all 18 Pixar feature films on Blu-ray, as well as both of Pixar’s short film collections (V1 & V2)! That makes us want to reach for the sky — with glee!

So how do you enter? Just keep swimming into our Disney Club!

  1. Click the link below
  2. Sign up for Gemr (if you haven’t already)
  3. Join the Disney club!

It’s so easy Dug could do it… if he doesn’t get distracted by a SQUIRREL!

If you’re super hyped about the chance to own a complete collection of Pixar movies and you want more chances to win, we’ve got great news for you! Make your own destiny! Add your Disney stuff to the Disney Club using the ADD button at the top right of the page on the web, or the + button on the mobile app (Did we mention we have an incredible mobile app?). Each item you add is another chance to win, so add a piece or twenty to increase your odds!

Join the Disney Club, add items, and win! The giveaway ends 12/11 so make sure to get in the club before then! The only thing left to do is to Git-r-done and remember… Adventure is out there!


UPDATE: We have a winner! Congrats, @thenerdmichael!

Written by Gemr
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