You Won’t Believe How Much This Yankee Bobble Head Doll Sold For

promo-bobber-resizedThis 14-inch New York Yankees bobble head figurine from 1961 just sold for almost $60,000. The Heritage Auction House in Dallas, TX sold the oversized, vintage bobble head for $59,750. The hefty price that this figurine commanded winks at the popularity of the sports memorabilia market.

This 54-year-old figure is thought to be the holy grail of nodders, another name for bobble heads. It is one of only two oversized Yankee nodders known in existence. These two incredibly rare nodders were created for promotional use in order to introduce the ‘regular’ line of shorter models, which were available for purchase at the ballpark.

This bobble head was able to fetch such a high price at auction due to its extreme rarity. Though, a comparable nodder sold a few years ago for $30,000.

Baseball memorabilia is increasing in popularity as the sports memorabilia market is growing, especially within the United States.