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In the beginning, Gemr made its way to Youtube to create collecting content for the masses. Now, influential Youtube personalities are making their way to Gemr!

Yes, we at Gemr love all the passionate content collectors have been publishing to Youtube for years. So what better way to show our appreciation than to support them and invite them to our amazing community on Gemr? Check out these three creative videos by both well-known and up-and-coming Youtube personalities. If you like what you see, make sure you connect with your favorites on Gemr as well!

Rob Petkau’s Custom Lightsabers

If you’ve ever looked up videos of custom-made Star Wars Lightsabers, you’ve probably heard of Rob Petkau.

He’s been showing off his art you can fight with for nearly a decade (!), and we immediately fell in love with his collection. In honor of Rob’s presence on Gemr, we’ve created a Custom Lightsabers club to give the lightsaber community a new place they can call home. Even if you somehow have no interest in anything Star Wars related, you’ll still want to check out Rob on Gemr and Youtube – his stuff is just that good!

Bu Pias’ Doll Collection

Bu Pias is a screenwriter and director from Portugal. She’s also an avid collector through and through.

Catch up with her life in the video above, and get a sneak peak at her collection of Disney dolls! You can see more of her collection by checking out @Bupias on Gemr, though it’s gonna take her some time to get all her dolls uploaded. So many collectibles, so little time!

TheCancrizans’ LEGO Star Wars Minifigures.

Rounding out our list today is TheCancrizans, your one stop shop for Star Wars lore, trivia, theories, and more!

In honor of his introduction to Gemr, TheCancrizans is here to talk about the best and worst LEGO Star Wars figures. How bad can LEGO figures actually be? You’d be surprised. Still, the coolest ones are really cool, and they’re certainly worthy of being loved by our fans of LEGO and Star Wars collectibles. We’re honored to have TheCancrizans on Gemr, and make sure to say hi to him by visiting @Thecancrizans.

And there we have it, our latest content creators to sign up on Gemr. Are you inspired by any creative content creators who are also collectors? Or perhaps are you a creative content creator who also collects? If so, be sure to join in the fun on Gemr and show us what you can do! We’d be nothing without our amazing community, and we love all the innovative ways collectors use and display their collectibles. So come on in, show us the stuff you love. Chances are, we’re going to love it all too.

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